Science Camps of America – Getting Started!

Aloha “campers” and welcome to Science Camps of America!

Our goal is to provide world-class opportunities for teens to immerse themselves in hands-on science education, in a summer camp setting. Our first camp, planned to open for the summer of 2013, is planned for the Big Island of Hawaii and will focus on the earth and environmental sciences: geology, astronomy, meteorology, marine science, volcanology, and ecology. The Big Island is the perfect outdoor classroom with an active and vibrant scientific community.

I am very excited to be moving forward with this project and it is my intent to blog here ( on a regular basis in order to keep people posted about our progress, and also to initiate discussions that I anticipate will provide some great input into the ultimate product that we provide to our campers.

3 thoughts on “Science Camps of America – Getting Started!

  1. Mike!
    SCA is an amazing concept. I am sure that the kids will love knowing that this venture started from a “walk in the woods” when they were little. I look forward to hearing more.

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