“Field of Dreams” and our (temporary) byline

“If you build it, they will come.”

I loved the movie Field of Dreams. I recently (finally!) read the book the movie was based on,  Shoeless Joe, by W. P. Kinsella, and I also read Chasing Moonlight: The True Story of Field of Dreams’ Doc Graham, by Brett Friedlander, Robert Reising and Dr. Bobby Brown.

I confess I love reading everything about old-time baseball (please share your favorites!). Both books were very enjoyable. Shoeless Joe was very familiar – Kevin Costner‘s film actually followed the book very carefully. Chasing Moonlight was different, only a small portion was about baseball, but I found that I enjoyed ‘getting to know’ the real Doc Graham very much, and ended up with a greater appreciation for what a great job Burt Lancaster did in the movie.

As used in the byline, above, though, “If you build it, they will come” is not intended to be an official byline, motto or theme for Science Camps of America.  We will come up with a real (not to mention original) one eventually.  For now it is there as a reminder to myself that with vision and work, SCA can and will succeed.

Starting a camp, like any business, is a complex process, but of all the questions, the biggest is ‘will anyone come?’  Whenever I think that, though, I hear James Earl Jones voice ‘Oh, they’ll come, Ray’ and who doesn’t believe everything James Earl Jones says?  So I believe too! 

One of the heroes in the movie is Doc Graham who appears to sacrifice his baseball career in order to save Ray’s daughter, Karin. To Doc Graham, though, it was not a sacrifice, for him the ‘tragedy’ would have been if he never got to be a doctor.  Doc’s field of dreams was medicine, Ray’s was a baseball field, and mine is a science camp for teens (what’s yours?). 

A word about the image in the banner near the top.  This image shows an o’hia tree sprouting from a raw lava flow.  It is another reminder to myself that if in nature something can sprout from nothing, so too can a summer science camp for teens.

5 thoughts on ““Field of Dreams” and our (temporary) byline

  1. Many years ago I visited New Zealand with my daughter and friend. While there we visited Rangitoto, which is a volcanic island in the Hauraki Gulf, 20 mins by ferry from Auckland. Auckland sits on top of a volcanic field of around 50 volcanoes, Rangitoto is the youngest, last erupting about 300 years ago.
    Rangitoto is a typical cone shaped volcanic island with some lovely walks. The views of the Gulf and Auckland were stunning! The whole island is covered in lava flows and there are also lava caves which we enjoyed exploring!! It is full of unusual fauna and flora, including the worlds largest pothukawa forest and mangrove trees, which usually only grow in flooded mud flat areas, but here grow directly on the lava!
    How amazing it was to see nature at it’s finest!

  2. Wonderful idea! A science camp, like baseball, should be a “field of dreams” where yoing people can have a chance to see thw connection between science and dreams. Discoveries are often attributed to chance but I believe discoveries begin with a dream. And what better place to dream!

  3. It rings true because people, more and more, are disconnected from nature and finding ways to connect people to nature is a way to help drive awareness and appreciation for our environment.

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