About Science Camp

The goal of Science Camps of America is to provide world-class opportunities for teens to immerse themselves in hands-on science education, in a summer camp setting. Our first camp, planned to open for the summer of 2013, is planned for the Big Island of Hawaii and will focus on the earth and environmental sciences: geology, astronomy, meteorology, marine science, volcanology, and ecology. The Big Island is the perfect outdoor classroom with an active and vibrant scientific community. Science Camp will provide campers a chance to experientially learn more about science, more about the outdoor world, and more about themselves.

About Michael Richards

Before starting Science Camps of America (SCA), I was the founder and president of HI-Tech Smart Systems, Inc., a software company based in Hawaii that provided specialty property management software to lots of companies in over 20 countries, from 1983 until its sale in 2010.   Besides being a computer geek, I am also a bit of a science geek.  I started Science Camps of America with the goal of providing a great opportunity for teenagers to get out and ‘do’ science.

I was inspired to start SCA in what was truly a “walking in the woods” moment. I was hiking with my grandchildren and realized that sharing my love of nature and science with those two boys was just the best thing ever. And if I loved sharing it with them, and they loved learning it, then why not do the same for dozens, hundreds or even thousands of young people?

Aiden and Isaac in the rain forest

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