Science Camp opens June 22, 2013!

 [Update: dates have changed. Camp open June 22nd]

We have a location, we have dates, and now, we have  a new logo!

Science Camps of America logo

Science Camps of America logo

The logo design was inspired from Hawaiian petroglyphs and was created by Jacob Wong ( The symbols, or glyphs, represent (clockwise from upper left) space, air, land and sea.

The first session, Land and Sea, will be held June 10-19 [now June 22-July 1]. The second session, Air and Space, will be held June 19-28 [now July1-10].

Coming soon:

The Science Camps of America web site will be opening soon with all of the details and registration information. In the meantime, follow us here or on Facebook or Twitter.

Hawaii Preparatory Academy (HPA) Energy Lab

Starting a  camp such as Science Camps of America (SCA) is planning involves study of how to provide the very best possible learning experience for our campers.  Fortunately, there are a lot of very smart people out there who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise on this subject.

I had the privilege last week of meeting one of those people, Dr. Bill Wiecking, and of touring the facility he has spearheaded, the HPA Energy Lab.  The Energy Lab is an amazing building. It is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) candidate but more importantly it is a laboratory to learn better ways to learn. Dr. Wiecking explains it better than I can; take a look at the web site at

HPA Energy Lab

In our meeting, Dr. Wiecking was passionate about many of the same things that make SCA so exciting to me: the potential teenagers have, the need for more science educational opportunities, the opportunity to explore the frontiers of 21st century education science.  It was fantastic to have that opportunity to spend some time with him.  One of the most inspiring stories he shared was how passionate some of his students are, and how he often has had to ‘throw them out of the lab’ at 8 or 9 at night. Watch the video on the page above to get the full story.

The day after I met with Dr. Wiecking, I received a Linked-In notification of an article in Entrepreneur magazine, “Steve Jobs and the Seven Rules of Success.”  As I read through the article, I couldn’t help but think of Dr. Wiecking: ‘Do what you love? Check. Put a dent in the universe? Check.”  And so forth.

Steve Jobs was brilliant but more importantly he had the courage to do things his way. “Dream Bigger” was one of his famous sayings. Bill Wiecking dreams bigger, too.

Panoramic view from HPA Energy Lab