Laws of Nature

Laws of nature found in Biomimicry (1997) by Janine Benyus.

Nature runs on sunlight.
Nature uses only the energy it needs

Nature fits form to function.

Nature recycles everything.

Nature rewards cooperation.

Nature banks on diversity.

Nature demands local expertise.

Nature curbs excesses from within.

Nature taps the power of limits.

Biomimicry is the science that seeks to solve human problems by applying solutions based on those found in nature.  Janine Benyus gives us examples including brilliant innovations such as an airplane or windmill wing that mimics a whale’s fin, a bacteria-resistant material based on a shark’s skin, and cement made from CO2. As Ms. Benyus says, virtually every engineering problem has been solved in some way in nature, we just have to look for those solutions.

I look forward to the opportunity we will have at Science Camps of America to share this and other types of problem solving thinking with the young people participating in camp.

Enjoy Janine Benyus’ great TED Talks: