“Send ’em home pale, sick, and tired!”

Words of wisdom from Space Camp!

You have probably heard of Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. I had the pleasure of meeting the director of Space Camp, Marcia Lindstrom, at the American Camp Association Conference in Atlanta. Marcia (everyone at ‘camp’ goes by first name) was on a panel I attended that discussed specialty camps, and one of the topics for discussion on the panel was the importance of downtime for the campers. After the seminar, I introduced myself to Marcia and asked her how she felt about that. I loved her response, her words of wisdom which I will never forget:

‘Honey, we send ’em home pale, sick, and tired!

Marcia went on to explain that they felt that the kids came to be challenged and to learn as much as they can, and that their goal as a camp was to make sure they were having so much fun doing so that they didn’t even notice how busy they were. She encouraged me: ‘You’re going to see the same types of kids, so you do the same!’

Thanks, Marcia, but we are going to send them home TAN, sick, and tired.